Volunteer Information

We accept applications year-round, and our Membership Committee closely guides new volunteers through the application process. The first step is to fill out our online application. It is very detailed to make the rest of the application process go smoothly and efficiently. If you are not sure yet about becoming a member, we are happy to arrange a tour of our station prior to submitting an application so you can meet us in person, see the ambulances and other apparatus, and get a feel for the station and atmosphere.

After you submit your application there is a bit of paperwork to get out of the way, as can be expected of someone who works in the field of public service. A physical exam, background check, and finger prints make up the part of the process that can take a bit of time – from a few days to several weeks.

Crew with a ride-along in front of the ambulance

Ride-Along shifts are an option for interested people who would like to find out more before making a commitment.

The Board of Directors handles the initial application approval. Once all the forms are filled out and tests and checks are completed, the members of the Board get together and make a decision on accepting the application.

New members will be allowed to ride on the ambulance (“run”) as soon as they are voted in. During this period, which is several months to a year, the new member will run as an Aide. The new member will receive in-house training on basic skills by the crew with whom they run. The new member will learn the layout of the ambulance and participate in all emergency calls with their crew. The new member will be free to sign up for open slots on other crews as well. Overall, the new member will gain firsthand experience and training from Day 1. The goal of the pre-EMT class period is for the new member to acclimate to the unique environment in which emergency medical service providers operate, actively undertake training on aide skills, and to take all the required pre-requisite courses for the EMT course. We strive to have all new members begin the EMT course with experience under their belt, ready to learn more.

An instructor teaching other volunteers about the squad truck equipment

High-quality training is provided free of charge – you will gain live-saving skills and valuable knowledge.

Below is an example of a new member expected progression, arbitrarily beginning on January 1. Progression and individual training will vary depending on when the member joins, and progression may be faster.

Adult Members (18+)
• Submit Application
• Physical exam
• Background check
• Finger prints
• Agreement to abide by station rules signed
• Voted In (can begin riding the ambulance)
• Volunteer Orientation
• AHA Healthcare-Provider CPR
• Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP)
• Hazardous Materials Awareness (Class is online, test is in person)
• Emergency Vehicle Operator Course – EVOC (minimum age of 19 years)
• Precept as a driver
• EMT class application
• Emergency Medical Technician Course
December-January (year 2)
• Precept as EMT
• Be a full-fledged EMT

Junior Members (16-17)

Junior members have the same progression path. However, the minimum age to take the EVOC course is 18 years old, and members will be released to drive at age 19. You may take the EMT course at the age of 16, but may not be released to operate until 18. Junior Members who are students within the Loudoun County Public School system may also take the Monroe Technology center EMT course, which must be approved by the Chief.


For more information on volunteering in Loudoun County’s Fire-Rescue (LCFR) system, visit the official County website. To find out more about upcoming training classes, go to the LCFR Training Corner.