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Awards and Recognition

Our committed members provide a valuable service to the public and are truly dedicated to protecting and serving the community. Whether it is for a simple injured ankle or a serious cardiac arrest, our highly-trained volunteers are prepared to help and ready when you need them.

The walls in our station are lined with awards and photographs, attesting to the hard work and many hours that our members put in.

Company 17 Hallway

Exceptionally dedicated members who provide more than 100 hours of volunteer work per year receive the distinguished President’s Volunteer Service Award in Bronze, and the fact that many of our volunteers have reached this accomplishment with ease and even surpassed it to receive Silver Awards (250+ hours/year) and Gold Awards (500+ hours/year) speaks for itself.

President's Award

President’s Award

Additionally, in three out of the last four years, our volunteers have been recognized locally for their remarkable commitment. The three volunteers were presented with the Loudoun County Outstanding Volunteer Awards, an award whose recipients are carefully selected by a panel of judges.

Outstanding Volunteer Award 2011

Above: Captain Randy Breton, recipient of the Outstanding Public Safety Volunteer Award in 2011.

The jury receives nominations from all over the county. The fact that the panel chose three volunteers of our station in three separate years confirms that our members are one-of-a-kind, Outstanding Volunteers.

Outstanding Volunteer Award 2013

Above: Chief Rodney Krone, recipient of the Outstanding Public Safety Volunteer Award in 2013.

 Ed Peters, Outstanding Volunteer 2014

Above: President Ed Peters, recipient of the Outstanding Older Adult Volunteer Award in 2014.

In spring 2014, two of our members (Lt. Vidal Murray and Chief Rodney Krone) received the Meritorious Action Award, following their courageous rescue efforts for a motorist stranded on a flooded roadway.

Meritorious Action Award

Also involved during this high-water emergency during Hurricane Sandy were Lt. Chris Thomas and Captain Jody Marker, both of whom were recognized for their bravery with the Silver Medal of Valor.

Silver Medal of Valor

Valor Award EMT Patrick Sheen received a Valor Award for going above and beyond to assist patients at a motor vehicle accident despite having been injured in the accident himself.

We take enormous pride in being part of this great company. We are looking for additional volunteers who would like to join us in our mission to serve the community and provide high-quality medical care and support to area residents.

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