Ambulance 617

Ambulances: A617Ambulance 617 is one of our primary volunteer ambulance units. It is a 2011 Horton mounted on a Ford base. As with any of our three ambulances it is outfitted with appropriate supplies to respond to both BLS (Basic Life Support) and ALS (Advanced Life Support) emergencies. It can respond to any emergency that requires medical attention such as strokes, allergic reactions, cardiac problems, broken bones, and other injuries and illnesses.

Ambulance 617B

This ambulance is also a Horton mounted on a Ford base. During busy times like the Waterford Fair or severe weather events our members staff two or even three ambulances. Ambulance 617-Bravo is equipped to also handle a wide range of emergencies.

Ambulances: A617B-inside

Ambulances: A617B

Ambulance 617C

Ambulance 617C, “Charlie”, is the Loudoun County-owned apparatus for career personnel. This ambulance is staffed by professional Firefighter/EMTs five days a week for 12 hours each and is minimally used by volunteers.
Ambulances: A617C

Serving Western Loudoun County, Virginia