Neurosurgial Look At Stroke – May 22

Thomas K. Mattingly, MD, will present “The Current and Future Role of Interventional Stroke Management.”  In his presentation, Dr. Mattingly will review the latest technologies and guidelines in interventional stroke management, including intra-arterial delivery of thrombolytics, mechanical thrombolysis and stent-retrieval.  He will also explore the role that these play in a regional stroke management system.

Zachary N. Litvack, MD, will present “Hemorrhagic Stroke – Risk Factors, Diagnosis, and Management.” In his presentation, Dr. Litvack will review current best practices in the diagnosis and treatment of hemorrhagic strokes, including cerebral hemorrhage, subarachnoid hemorrhage, and non-traumatic subdural hematoma.

When: Thursday May 22, 2014 1700-1900
Where: Reston Hospital Center, 1850 Town Center Parkway, Conference Rooms A, B, C.
Call: 877-689-3627 to register.  CEs Available.  Dinner will be served.