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Company Meeting April 2016

Notes from the Company Meeting on April 6th, 2016

Called to order:  7:30 pm



EAP – The law allowing counties to pay for EAP benefits for volunteer companies was passed.  Loudoun will begin providing the same EAP benefits given to employees in July.  More to come.  Should we send a thank you letter to Chief Brower?

Roof – BOD wants our lawyer to look at the situation and advise us on our options before we make any decisions.

Budget – The BOD will meet this month to set the proposed budget for 2017.

Funding Algorithm – Subcommittee has begun meeting to review the algorithm and suggest changes.  Current Suggestions:

  • Implement a three year rolling average to avoid large changes.
  • Looking at the impact of Capital Investment Planning at companies (equipment and facilities) and how that should be factored in.
  • Estimate 4th quarter numbers to ease burden on companies at the end of the fiscal year.
  • Adjusting the expected cost of equipment to reflect higher costs
  • Adjusting lifecycle duration to match county lifecycle


Reading of previous meeting minutes



Officer’s Reports

  • Treasurer’s report: Read by Aja Wade
  • Chief: Read by Chief Krone
  • Engineer’s Report: Read by Chief Krone
  • Equipment Report: see Chief’s report – big bill coming up.
  • Training Report: Read by Michelle Pope


Internal Committees

  • Junior Membership Program: Read by Richard Bechtold
  • Banquet:
  • Membership:
  • Jr membership:
  • Points:
  • Recruitment & Retention
    • Home & Garden – April 16th and 17th
    • Career Fair – Saturday April 9th at Tuscarora High School – would like volunteers
    • June Open House – Saturday June 11th
      • See handout
    • Planning a fall event
    • Movies on the lawn
  • Safety Center:
  • Auxiliary:
  • IT:
  • Health and Wellness:


External Committees

  • R & R:
  • VAVRS:
  • EMS council:
  • ALS:
  • BLS:


Old business:

No old business


New business:

Logan – has decided to resign due to medical issues.  He will re-apply when he has recovered.