ALS Assist Class, March 2015

On Wednesday March 18, 2015, volunteers of the Hamilton Volunteer Rescue Squad had the valuable opportunity to take part in an in-station, Advanced Life Support (ALS) Assist training session. Paramedic Tim Ward described a number of common ALS scenarios and explained what team members could do to aid a medic on scene with each of the interventions. Topics ranged from IV and nebulizer setup to blood sugar check, blood tubes transfer, ECG electrodes placement, and drug administration and assist.

Paramedic Tim Ward explaining ALS procedures to other volunteers.
The class began by going over common ALS supplies.


Training on how to use a nebulizer.
Training instructor Tim Ward demonstrated how to assemble a nebulizer.


Group of volunteers observing the instructor setting up an IV.
Our volunteers carefully observed the steps of preparing an IV…


Two volunteers looking at IV supplies.
… and were encouraged to hands-on practice to strengthen the new skills.


Members gathering around a Lifepak.
The various features of the Lifepak were explained in detail as well.


Member applying electrodes to a volunteer mock patient.
Volunteers learned the ins and outs of applying ECG electrodes, which are used to monitor a patient’s heart rhythm.

Our dedicated volunteers continuously add to their already strong knowledge base and proactively learn new skills in order to provide the town of Hamilton and the surrounding communities with the highest quality medical care.